Distraction Free Writing

Distraction Free Writing with Cold Turkey Writing

Distraction free writing can easily be achieved by using a free software program that blocks you from accessing all of the time-sucking distractions on your computer from “doing research” on Google (translation: hour losing rabbit holes), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, games on your machine, looking at photos, or an old document, et al. that can distract you from writing and amps up procrastination from the writing task at hand can be blocked so all you can do on your computer is write!

Distraction free writing with Cold Turkey Writer

Distraction Free WritingCold Turkey Writer is a nifty software program that blocks your computer from doing anything but writing!

You select a word count goal or time goal that you want to reach and when you meet those goals you will be allowed to unblock your computer so you can access the time-suck things like Facebook and Twitter. Full video demo of distraction-free writing in the video below.

Watch the video…

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