2018 Word Count Tracking Spreadsheet – Updated for 2019

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Update: 2019 Word Count Tracker is now available here:


2018 word count tracking spreadsheet for writers is now available! I’ve written about word count tracking spreadsheets in the past. And you can click on this post to download a free basic spreadsheet (direct download, no email address needed).

But if you’re looking for a more advanced Word Count Tracking Spreadsheet then look at the video below for a demo of my souped up word count tracking spreadsheet for 2018:


Buy with PayPal $9

2018 Word Count tracker is no longer available. Check out the updated version for 2019 available nowhttps://www.fictiveuniverse.com/WTC2019


Word Count Tracking Spreadsheets

There are a lot of word count tracking spreadsheets out there. I must have tried them all… most didn’t do everything I wanted them to do and most of them were out of date (by several years). Updating an old spreadsheet from 2014 to 2018 is tricky without breaking the formulas so I decided to have my dream 2018 Word Count Tracking Spreadsheet developed just for me!

Excel Guru

My past experience as a business systems analyst came in handy. I wrote the specs for my dream word count tracking spreadsheet and I hired an Excel developer from UpWork.

He created an awesome Word Count Tracker that has everything I wanted:

  • Tracking word count on a daily, weekly, and monthly bases
  • An at-a-glance dashboard with beautiful charts to look at the data
  • Project-based, so I can add as many writing projects as I want and allows me to work on multiple projects.
  • Red, green, yellow status of progress for reaching my word count goals
  • Easy to use. I just plug in my daily word count and the spreadsheet formulas crunch all the data automatically.


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2018 word count tracking spreadsheet
The Dashboard
2018 word count tracking spreadsheet
Project Overview
2018 word count tracking spreadsheet
Daily Word Count Tracker

Excellent Feedback

I shared the spreadsheet with several online writer friends and the feedback blew me away. They absolutely loved it. So I decided to offer for sale here. It’s cheap, just $9. It would be great if I can recoup the money I paid to have this spreadsheet developed for me which is another reason I’m making it available for sale.

I’m sure you’re going to love it!

Important Note: NO REFUNDS

Because you’re downloading the spreadsheet with all its formulas there is NO REFUND! So make sure you really want this Word Count Tracking Spreadsheet before you buy it! Watch my video where I show you the entire spreadsheet in action that way you can decide if it’s for you. Another caveat, I paid a professional Excel developer to create this spreadsheet. It has some pretty advanced Excel formulas, at least they seem very advanced to me. So if you buy the spreadsheet and you start to mess around with the formulas and you break the tracker, I can’t help you fixing it because it’s over my head. So if you’re going to mess around with the formulas, make sure you make a copy, so you have the original version handy to go back to if you mess things up. 🙂


    1. So this is just a spreadsheet?
      Answer – Yes. It’s an Excel Spreadsheet. XLSX file format. I’m a Mac user, so it works with Excel for Mac. I’ve also checked it out with Windows and it works.
    2. Does it work with Numbers or Google Sheets?
      Answer– No.
    3. What’s your refund policy?
      Answer- There is no refund policy. All sales are final.
    4. What kind of support do you offer?
      Answer- None. I can answer basic questions but if you have questions about the formulas or if you break the spreadsheet by messing with the formulas and need my help to fix it, I can’t help you. My suggestion is to keep an original copy handy in case you need it.
    5. Can this work for next year (2019) and beyond? Answer – Yes. Keep a master copy of the spreadsheet then change the year from 2018 to 2019 and 2020, etc. and that should work without messing up the formulas. Not sure about this. I ended up hiring an Excel expert to update my tracker for 2019. I also added some new features: https://www.fictiveuniverse.com/WTC2019

    Buy Now for $9

    No longer available for sale. Check out the 2019 version now on sale. https://www.fictiveuniverse.com/WTC2019
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