Manuscript Proofreading in Real Time

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Manuscript proofreading is an important part of the process of polishing your manuscript the best you can before publishing it. You need to go through this process to ensure your readers are buying a quality book.

Since it’s been awhile since I’ve shared a post on my writing and editing process. It’s not my favorite part of the writing journey, but it’s critical.

In this post and video, I’ll be sharing how go through the proofreading stage of my manuscript.

Manuscript proofreading.

The proofreader sends back my manuscript as a Word document with track changes and comments. I open that document in Pages which converts the Word document with no issues, so I’m able to go through the tracked changes and comments on my Mac computer.

I like to go through the edits with the edited document and the unedited documents side-by-side on my monitor.

I then go through the proofreader’s comments and changes one-by-one accepting or rejecting the proofreader’s suggestions.

It’s a tedious, but critical process in the publishing production process to ensure the reader gets a polished book when they buy it.

The process is pretty straightforward. I hire a proofreader send them the manuscript. They proofread it and send it back to me with track changes enabled.

This is the final stage of the editing process. The final polishing of the manuscript before publishing, which happens after I’ve had my manuscript copy and line edited by another editor.

I also try to clean-up the manuscript as much as possible before passing it on to my editor and proofread by doing my own self-editing with ProWritingAid.

I use two different people for these jobs, one to copyedit, another person to proofread it. The more different set of eyes on the manuscript during the editing stage, the better.

Manuscript Proofreading Video in Real Time

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