I Hate the Editing Part

Manuscript Editing for Fiction
Editing Manuscirpt
This is an actual photograph of my manuscript and my desk during the editing process.

I’ve been working on the edited manuscript for my WIP (work in progress) and I really hate this part of writing. I’m at the stage where the manuscript has come back from my editor and it’s chalk-full of suggestions, questions, and fixes. Although the changes are made and tracked by my editor on a Word file, I find it much easier and less frustrating to print it out and work off of the printed manuscript in tandem with the digital copy.

Since my manuscript clocked in at 80,000-some words, I found it more efficient to have it printed at my local FedEx Office versus using my inkjet printer. Printing over 400 pages can lead to paper jams, ink cartridges run dried and possible collation problems, especially if I don’t babysit my printer as it prints, page after page. It’s like watching paint dry, so I’m happy to use my local FedEx office.

I go online to the FedEx Office website, form there, I select the FedEx office that is about a mile away from my house. I upload my manuscript to their website. Check the services I want (I go for the cheapest, black and white printing option). That’s it. In a couple hours a FedEx Office guy calls me and tells me my manuscript is ready for pick up. Can’t beat that for service. It’s not cheap. Depending on the page number of your printed manuscript. I pay around $30-40. You can have them print on both sides of the paper to save some cash.

It helps taking some of the frustration from the editing stage. Now, I’m back to reading my editor’s notes.

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