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Query rejections… so much fun. I’m obviously being facetious. It’s a soul-sucking process, but all is not lost — more on that later.

So, at the end of my querying process, I sent 80 query letters to literary agents. I used Query Tracker to manage the process.

Query rejections update.

Of the 80 query letters I submitted, 75% passed. Ouch.

I expected as much, but it doesn’t make the query process easier even if you’re ready for the rejections.

I’m done with query process. You can watch this video for an update and to learn what I’ll be doing with this manuscript.

Long story short: I will be going back to indie authorhood by self-publishing this series via Amazon’s KDP service.

As tough as it is to get these rejections, I’m lucky to be writing during the Kindle Direct Publishing era where we can publish directly to readers. The gatekeepers don’t have the final say.

Stay tuned to see how this series does in 2022.

After the Query Rejections (2022 Plans)

Sign up for my newsletter or subscribe to my YouTube Channel to keep up to date with this process. I’m planning to self-publish the first three books in this series in 2022 (maybe even four books, depending on how things go).

I’ll be covering the editing/proofreading process, working on the book cover, and hiring a designer. Preparing my book launch plan (which includes marketing, Facebook ads, et al.) and the self-publishing steps from formatting to uploading the manuscript via Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing and a lot more, so subscribe if you’re interested in this part of the process.

If you’re going through the query process, keep your chin up. It’s a rough process to go through that sucks the wind out of your sales and erodes your confidence as a writer. But with self-publishing, we can let the readers have the final say about this book, so stay tuned.

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