Targeting Authors for Amazon Ads

Targeting authors for Amazon ads is one of the best way to set up an effective ad on Amazon for your book. But don’t throw mud at the wall by targeting authors that don’t fit your genre and style.

For example, I write thrillers, I wouldn’t target J. K. Rowling just because she’s one of the most popular, widely read authors out there. Her readers, more than likely, wouldn’t care about my serial killer thriller. They might even get upset about seeing my ad for my gritty thriller when they prefer children’s fantasy books like the Harry Potter novels.

It’s best to put in a little elbow grease to find authors in your genre that you can target to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth out of your Amazon Ads.

In this video, you can watch as I set up an ad (a real Amazon ad for my latest thriller) by targeting Jo Nesbo (the bestselling of the Harry Hole detective crime novels set in Norway).

Since my thriller, Gringo Gulch, is an international crime thriller set in Costa Rica, I thought it would appeal to Jo Nesbo fans, which is why I’m targeting him for an Amazon Ad.

As you’ll see in the video, make sure to change the default settings in your bid amount. I learned the hard, and expensive way, to pay attention to those settings within the Amazon Ads dashboard.

Targeting Authors for Amazon Ads (Video)

Author Tools

There is a great software called Publisher Rocket, which makes it easier to research and find keywords, but the Amazon search box on its own packs quiet the nice marketing punch to find those juicy keywords to use for our ads.

Targeting authors for Amazon ads (screenshot of one such search).

Tip: Make sure to search Amazon in incognito mode, so that you’re not seeing search results based on your own past search history.

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