I Wrote a Book

It hasn’t been self published yet. Aside from my editor and yours truly, no one has read it. But none of that matters right now. I started with zero words and after months of writing, I finished with over 80,000 words and a finished book. I felt like breaking out into the New York Giants song and dance:



Okay so maybe comparing finishing writing a book that has yet to be published to winning the Super Bowl is a huge stretch, but you get the gist. I was psyched!

The self-back patting though was short-lived because there is still so much to do.

First up, I needed an editor. Not just a proofreader to correct grammar, typos, spelling mistakes, etc. I needed an experienced editor to really dig in and tear my manuscript apart. That is one of the big mistakes self publishers make. Putting a book out there on Amazon without having it professionally edited.

Hiring an editor is expensive which is why a lot of self publisher’s skip that crucial step. In my opinion, if you don’t have the money for an editor, you need to save up before publishing. Readers will tear you apart if you publish a first draft. Repeat customers is crucial to the book business and you’ll turn off a lot readers from ever buying another of your books if you publish a book full of grammatical errors and structural mistakes.

I began to look for an editor when I was about half done with my manuscript. By the time I finished writing and I tweaked the first draft into a second draft, I had an editor waiting for my manuscript.

I’ll get into that process in my next post.



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