How to Outline Like James Patterson

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James Patterson Masterclass Review

James Patterson Masterclass

In the video above, I’ll show you inside the James Patterson Masterclass.

You’ll see the videos, layout, and the amazing content he provides for direct downloading. Including the outline for his bestselling novel, HONEYMOON.

It’s a lot more than a James Patterson Masterclass review, though. I show you how what I did once I downloaded the outline PDF of HONEYMOON so I could really do a deep-dive into learning how to outline like James Patterson.

James Patterson Outline Examples

My favorite part of the James Patterson Masterclass is the outline examples he provides, including direct download to the complete outline of his bestselling novel, HONEYMOON.

After I downloaded the PDF outline, I purchased the Kindle e-book version of HONEYMOON, then I read it with the outline in split-screen mode.

Side-by-side reading of James Patterson’s HONEYMOON and the outline.

I found this to be the most effective way to get a feel for how James Patterson outlines his books (you can see this in the video).

Ready to Outline like James Patterson

After watching the James Patterson masterclass, downloading his outline, and studying it side-by-side with the book HONEYMOON, I felt confident and excited to outline my next book, the James Patterson way.

What I like best about how James Patterson outlines is that it’s a simple process. There is no need to make things more complicated than necessary when it comes to outlining your book.

This was a problem I kept running into when studying other outlining methods. They just made things worse, and I ended up feel frustrated and it would bring my writing to a screeching halt.

James Patterson’s masterclass explained his process, and it just clicked and I was ready to outline.

At first, I just used Google Docs, and it worked fine, but then I discovered Plottr (as you’ll see in the video).

Plottr software

Plottr is a great app for outlining.

Plottr is a fantastic software that makes it easy to outline books. I’ve now used it to outline the first three books in my new crime fiction thriller series. All three outlines are easily accessible from my Plottr dashboard. You can see my actual Plottr dashboard for my current WIP in the video.

Series view of projects in Plottr

James Patterson and Plottr

Watch the video above, to see all this in practice. How I the James Patterson Masterclass provided the information to get my outline process going and then how using the Plottr software to do the actual outline took it to the next level.

I now have the first three books in my new crime fiction thriller series outline in Plottr following the James Patterson outlining method I learned from watching his masterclass.

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