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Book cover designers

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I’m getting to the stage of my WIP where I’m starting to think about the cover which then leads me to start thinking about book cover designers.

This blog post isn’t going to be about the importance of the book cover. You know, how a book cover can have an impact on how well your book sells. No, I won’t get into how your book will be judged by its cover by all prospective buyers perusing Amazon and the other retailers. No, none of that. ūüôā

What prompted this blog post is that I went into my trusty bookmark folder titled: Book Cover Designers. These are some of my favorite designers — ¬†the ones that prompted me to bookmark their¬†websites. I’ll be sharing my 12 below.

Top 12 Book Cover Designers

Here are 12 book cover designers I’ve bookmarked over the years.

First, I need to point out, that these are all very talented book cover designers. I don’t bookmark a book cover designer’s website unless their portfolio really impresses me.

That doesn’t mean there have been other designers that I’ve found talented, but there might have been something missing. For example, they’re a talented¬†designer, but their typography isn’t up to snuff, so I didn’t bookmark their website.

I also used the Damonza price gauge. In my opinion, designers that are charging near or over what he charges need to really be impressive! I’ve hired his company to design two of my three book covers. He’s not cheap, but the quality of his work is outstanding. And his portfolio looks like a bestseller list (there’s a reason top bestselling authors keep hiring him to design their book covers).

That’s the reason I capped the price range to $601. Damon charges $595 for print and e-book cover design, so I really don’t think anyone can really convince me to pay more than $600. I’ll just hire That being said, there are two designers in the $601+ range. I included them because I’ve bookmarked them.

I might not be ready to spend more than $600 on a book cover design at this juncture of my writing career, but those designers are impressive and perusing their portfolio¬†is a lot of fun.I wouldn’t rule out using their services in the future if my success in this business means I can budget around $700-$1,000 for a book cover design.

I wouldn’t rule out using their services in the future once my success in this business means I can budget around $700-$1,000 for a book cover design.

Don’t let a tight budget scare you off. You will notice some amazing artists in my Top 12 that will design a beautiful cover for around $150-$200!

I purposely¬†became extra-picky when it came to bookmarking a book cover designer’s website and I did that on purpose, so I knew that I could go to those artists that I’ve bookmarked knowing I would get a top-notch, professional, beautiful, book cover that will help me sell more books. All without having to do any more research or hemming and hawing.

Obviously, this post is based on just my opinion and since I write thrillers, that’s what I focus on, designers who have a decent amount of thriller type covers in their portfolio.

Since these designers are all very talented, I’ve broken them down by price. Please note, talented designers prices tend to go up as they become more experienced and they become busier, so depending when you’re reading this post, prices may have gone up.

Note: Price range is based on the price for the Print AND E-book package price for each designer. So even though BookFly Design charges $549 for e-book only cover,  they charge $699 for print and e-book, I included them in the $601 and up range.

The order of this list is not based on my favorite, I’m already a fan of their work, so I ranked it by price from least expensive¬†to most expensive within each range.


Bookfly Design
Portfolio Link:

Bookfly Designs Book Cover Designers

M.S. Corley
Portfolio Link:

M.S. Corley Book Cover Designer


Rebecca Frank
Portfolio Link:

Rebecca Frank Book Cover Designer

Elderlemon Design
Portfolio Link:

Book Cover Designer: Elderlemon Design

Rocking Book Covers
Portfolio Link:

Adrijus Guscia Book Cover Designer

Portfolio Link:

Note: full disclosure here, I’ve hired and they’ve designed two of my book covers, so far.

Damonza Book Cover Designers


Lou Harper
Portfolio Link:

Lou Harper Book Cover Designer

Yocla Designs
Portfolio Link:

Yocla Designs Clarissa Yeo

Cormar Covers
Portfolio Link:

Cormar Covers Book Cover Designer

Dark Moon Graphics
Portfolio Link:

Book cover designers: Dark Moon Graphics

Kit Foster Design
Portfolio Link:

Book cover designer: Kit Foster Designs

E-Book Indie Covers
Portfolio Link:

Ebook Indie Covers


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  1. Very informative post, giving some great details on what an author should expect when getting their book’s cover designed, and you’ve also chosen some great designers too. However, I’ve always used for my own books and found their prices to always be very affordable and I’ve always had great designs .

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